Nestled at the corner end of a private residential enclave, House 37 is a hybrid of old and modern architecture with the objective of creating a pleasantly balanced homely ambiance.

The down to earth character of House 37 is clearly portrayed with the subtle blend of tropical and modern outlook optimizing natural materials.

The thin strip planning layout makes it a functional house perfectly fit for purpose capturing an abundance of natural lighting and effective cross ventilation applying the Green Architecture aproach.

No space was wasted as the usage of this building is maximized right up to the attic roof spaces. The wall glazing and large glass sliding doors makes appreciating the panoramic exterior view from within a simple space possible.

The house is kept to a minimum in terms of the frills and interior decorations expressing the concept of less is more.

The lush rear orchard offers a tranquilizing view to the main internal spaces. The peaceful ambiance experienced here makes it hard to believe that this building is located in the fast developing area in Melaka.